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The Wish of Wishes

"A Christmas story to warm your heart."
- Jerry Spinelli
Bestselling author of Maniac Magee and Stargirl
My Story

I've always been a storyteller. When I was small, nothing gave me more joy than pretending I was a character from one of my favorite books or movies. This love of storytelling has manifested in my work as an actor and as a writer. I feel lucky to have multiple ways to express the stories and feelings of the characters that float around in my head.

After more than a year of lockdown, filled with pencil scratchings and overstuffed notebooks of poetry, I'm proud to say The Wish of Wishes has taken shape as my first published book. With a dedication to instilling a respect for the earth in her youngest inhabitants, this is a tale I hold near to my heart. My deepest wish, dear reader, is that you will feel the same.


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The Wish of Wishes

Written by Liam Snead

Illustrated by Madeleine Kunda

Read the story that bestselling author Jerry Spinelli calls "A Christmas story to warm your heart."

Bear. Fox. Seal.

On Christmas Eve, these three new friends set out on a very special journey.

Can they get to Santa Claus

to make their Christmas wishes in time?


Come along on this wintry adventure

to see how the powers of friendship, home, and holiday spirit can unite

the most unlikely companions…

and perhaps make the most important wish of all come true.

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